Join us tomorrow night in WRJ

This month has flown by, and I apologize for not sending out the notes from the November meeting. It’s been a busy month in our family.

We’ll be meeting on Thursday at the Shambhala Center in White River (above the Cover store) at 7 pm. Please join us.

What we’ll be discussing

  1. The first two meetings have made it clear that a common challenge for families in our area is in finding resources: Doctors, practitioners, advocates, respite, schools, and even qualified baby sitters. I want to set aside part of this meeting to build out the foundation of a resources directory which can live on the website. Bring the names and contact info of your favorite supports.
  2. I want to make sure that this group is beneficial to each family involved. Now that we have a few meetings under our belt let’s have a conversation about what you hope to get out of the group, what we can do better, and look at modifying the schedule to be more frequent.

I forgot to mention last month that Shambhala has asked for a $30 donation per month. I’ll bring a hat to pass around this week if you happen to have money to chip in.

See you tomorrow night,