Join us tonight at 7pm

Just a quick reminder and affirmation that we are on for tonight at 7pm at the Shambhala Center in White River.

I’d like to use this meeting as a time to discuss alternative days/times that work better for people, as well as learn what sorts of online tools would work for you and your family.

As always, tea will be provided and donations to Shambhala for hosting us are much appreciated.


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Important: no meeting tonight

Hi Again, and again sorry for the late-coming plan changes.

There will be no UvTilt meeting tonight in White River. I have a kiddo in crisis and won’t be able to host. I’m sorry to not get a chance to write this earlier in the day. The next meeting will be on Feb 6th, at 7 pm.

Are you interested in meeting during the afternoons?

There have been requests by a number of families to add a second slot which would be during the afternoon. Something like first Thursday at 7 pm as well as 3rd Thursday at 12 pm. If this interests you, please let me know and we’ll get it together soon.

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Tonight’s meeting postponed

Hey Everyone,

The holidays happened, and I lost track of the fact that the first Thursday of January is already upon us.

I haven’t sent out an email reminder about tonight’s meeting, and, given the school break is still in play for many of us, I’m going to guess attendance will be very low.

Let’s postpone until next week, but hang out tonight if you were planning on it…

Let’s hold the meeting next Thursday – January 9, 2020. It will be the usual time (7 pm) at the usual place (Shambhala in White River).

If you have lined up child care and made plans to make it tonight, we can still do an informal group. I’m certainly down. Reply to this email to let me know, or send me a text at 802-585-9725.

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Join us tomorrow night in WRJ

This month has flown by, and I apologize for not sending out the notes from the November meeting. It’s been a busy month in our family.

We’ll be meeting on Thursday at the Shambhala Center in White River (above the Cover store) at 7 pm. Please join us.

What we’ll be discussing

  1. The first two meetings have made it clear that a common challenge for families in our area is in finding resources: Doctors, practitioners, advocates, respite, schools, and even qualified baby sitters. I want to set aside part of this meeting to build out the foundation of a resources directory which can live on the website. Bring the names and contact info of your favorite supports.
  2. I want to make sure that this group is beneficial to each family involved. Now that we have a few meetings under our belt let’s have a conversation about what you hope to get out of the group, what we can do better, and look at modifying the schedule to be more frequent.

I forgot to mention last month that Shambhala has asked for a $30 donation per month. I’ll bring a hat to pass around this week if you happen to have money to chip in.

See you tomorrow night,


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Join us tomorrow at 7 pm in WRJ

Our next meeting will be Thursday, November 7th, 2019, at 7 pm.  We’ll be meeting at the Shambhala Center in White River (above the Cover store). If you haven’t already seen the notes from our previous meeting, you can do so here.

We will have tea and coffee available; please bring snacks if you would like!

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Notes from our first meeting

We had a small group gathered last night – it was a nice evening and a lovely beginning. If you missed us this time, you can try again on Thursday, November 7th, at 7 pm at the Shambhala Center in White River (above Cover).

Even with our small group of 3, the amount of information exchanged and shared felt so valuable – both in helping others and being helped in return. Here are some of the highlights (some of which I’ll eventually add to the website in upcoming Practitioners Directory and Resources areas).


  • Differently, Wired by Deborah Reber needs to make the rounds more! Our family considers this title (and all of Deborah’s work) an essential tool for not only understanding our kiddo but also to steer and shape how we parent and relate to her. Since two out of three families represented last night were not familiar with it, we talked book-clubbing it. That’s a smart approach for this reason: it’s a tiny book, but a lot to take in. It might work well to read it through with others and support each other in implementation. I’ve reached out to the publisher for discounted copies (which they make available to parent groups).
  • We did a quick intro into what Occupational Therapy is, why it matters, and how it has worked for one child in the group. It’s still kind of a mystery to those present, and we should maybe dive deeper sometime. It seems to be widely misunderstood yet something that works well for people with sensory processing challenges.
  • We discussed both IEPs and CSPs and why they matter. There is much more to dive into there, but the gist of the conversation was this: if you have a differently-wired child in a public school and not on an iep, you should look into it. Talk with your child’s therapist as well as the head of special education at the school and see if an IEP makes sense. For example, your kid doesn’t have to suffer through chaotic transitions and crowded hallways on their own! An IEP would fix that.
  • For parents that need help navigating the mental-health and education system: Get an advocate. There are a ton of resources available through the Vermont Family Network. They are a great place to start when you aren’t sure which way is up. The Vermont Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health also provides mentoring, advocacy, and tons of resources.
  • Someone had a question about strategies for dealing with sibling challenges. There weren’t a lot of solutions in the room, but it made me remember that Deborah Reber (see that name again?) just did a podcast on this subject.
  • We briefly discussed role models and pop culture references, which are positive for our kids and help to normalize neuro differences. See below in resources.

Resources mentioned

  • Differently Wired (Book)
  • Tilt Parenting Podcast – by Reber as well and can be overwhelming in the sheer number of episodes, but the search landing page is an excellent place to start.
  • The Explosive Child by Ross Greene – Another essential book for parents of atypical kids. Greene identifies that all children want to succeed, but lack of skills sometimes gets in the way. Behavioral problems are not seen as acting out but instead missing a particular skill. Identifying these missing skills and working to improve them in a unified way was the genesis of Collaborative Problem Solving.
  • The Out-of-Sync Child: Recognizing and Coping with Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Vermont Family Network (where to start, advocacy)
  • Vermont Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health (advocacy)
  • Atypical – A Netflix comedy that follows the life of an Autistic teenager but, by most accounts, does an excellent job of it.
  • The Good Doctor – drama series about, well, a good doctor who is on the spectrum. We didn’t discuss it much, but it looks fantastic.

I hope you can join us in November. Be well and take care of yourselves.



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Reminder: Our first meeting is tomorrow

Please join us at 7 pm on Thursday at the Unitarian Church in Norwich, in the church library.

As this will be our first meeting, we will keep the agenda to introductions, sharing a little bit about our kiddos, and discussing how to shape the group to meet everyone’s needs and expectations.

Starting in November, we will begin our regular schedule of meeting at 7 pm on the 1st Thursday of each month at Shambhala White River.

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Our first meeting is on Thursday, October 17th!

Upper Valley Tilt Parenting will be holding our first meeting one week from today at the Unitarian Church in Norwich.

We will begin at 7 pm on the 17th. We will be meeting in the Church library.

As this will be our first meeting, we will keep the agenda to introductions, sharing a little bit about our kiddos, and discussing how to shape the group to meet everyone’s needs and expectations.

Please join us!

The address is 320 US-5, Norwich, VT. Meet us in the library at 7 pm and plan on staying until 9 pm. I have not formally organized any snacks or drinks. Be in touch if you would like to help out with that. Just reply to this email.

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October meeting and group update (2nd try)

Sorry about that previous email – here it is….

Hey Folks,

Thanks again for showing your interest in this group. Our family has had an especially difficult time since school began and, for us, the need is more urgent than ever.

We’ve secured space starting in November

We have a commitment from Shambhala White River to hold the meeting in their beautiful space at 7 pm on the 1st Thursday of each month. My goal was to find a meeting place that was comfortable, warm, and as relaxing as possible for a group of tired and frazzled parents. In that regard, we scored!

Can we still make October happen? Where?

The bad news is that Shambhala was not able to shift things around in time for us to meet in October. Let’s start where we can: If you have a space or an idea for one which could accommodate a group of ~15 on Thursday, the 17th at 7 pm, please get in touch. You can reach me by replying to this email or writing to

Forums and a listserve coming soon

To get us all talking, I’ll be setting up some private forums with email integration in the coming week. Keep an eye out for an invitation to that.

In the meantime, please send ideas for a space for next week!


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